The Advantages

Often, the high costs involved in obtaining legal advices, induce fashion models to sign contracts without understanding nor negotiating it and worst of all sometimes they abandon small/medium size debts owing to them by agencies or clients. Others common problems involve: application for visas in different countries, where and how to pay the right taxation, use of their image by website photographers or clients without a release agreement in place, not receiving compensation for a lost luggage in one of the countless travel and so on.

Do not give up to enforce your rights and protect your interest.

With our experience, we do away with a number of the problems faced by models, which cause them to give up enforcement of their rights, e.g. the problems of finding reliable local lawyers and the difficulties in understanding each other, the high fees requested by professionals for preliminary legal advice and a widespread and sometimes unjustified lack of confidence in the abroad and unknown legal system.

FATHER AGENCYTM, unlike traditional law firms offers a comprehensive preliminary legal advisory service for a small subscription fee. Moreover in case of debt collecting it takes the risk of postponing payment of its fee, tying it to the success of the collection.



    FATHER AGENCY cooperate with several Visa and immigration consultant worldwide to help the models understand the different stages of the Visa Application Process and the flow of data during that process.


    FATHER AGENCY will guide models throughout their career, and with the right legal advice will help them to have a voice over their workplace. As well as offering consulting services to better protect their right and interest outside from the workplace.

  • Modeling

    A model should have an experienced attorney look over any modeling contract before signing it, especially considering that the first modeling contract can make the difference for the future career of the aspiring model. At FATHER AGENCY our lawyers have extensive experience helping models to negotiate contracts and secure rights to their work through intellectual property laws.

  • DEBT

    The condition for FATHER AGENCY TM’s intervention is a bad debt, which arises when a model faces objection, delay or completely fails to collect a debt from a foreign agency/client.


    In today’s international business environment, tax requirements and legislation are becoming increasingly complex.


  • Sign up
  • Upload the data requested
  • Payment in 7 days
  • Access to your profile
  • Upload documents
  • status of debt recovery
  • Status of legal actions


FATHER AGENCYTM will first send a warning letter and start with the negotiation. Since the negotiation shall be performed by local lawyers

with deep knowledge of the local operators and close to the target company, the chances of success are high.


This subscription is addressed to model with limited activity.

The BASIC subscription includes 15 monthly hours of actual working of our lawyers, in which we provide the following services:

Legal advice
Preparation of papers and documents
Drafting legal opinions
Verifying, explaining and negotiating the model contract
Warning letters and formal notices to clients/agencies
Debt recovery: study of the case, extra judicial request
Visa and immigration advices
General taxation advisory

Subscription prices can be changed depending on customer needs. The model turnover, and the volume of client’s legal matters are factors of cost calculation.
For a preliminary assessment of your needs, please fill in the evaluation form. After the evaluation FATHER AGENCY will recommend the best subscription package to the client.
Payments can be made by one of the following ways: